Why Saws Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Chainsaws: Do or Die

The chainsaw is a tool which we can use for different purposes. With the help of chainsaw, we can be able to do a job in a span of minutes compared with using a handsaw or an ax which can take the job for over a few hours. But it’s that same wonderful efficiency that can turn chainsaws into deadly, dangerous weapons. The tool that can help you out in cutting a tree in a span of minutes can also mince your leg in a split second.

In using a chainsaw, all you need is just a span of few seconds. Just a split second of carelessness, or just an attempt to use a saw that is not well maintained can make you regret using it for the rest of your life, or it can even end your life.

However, the fear of an accident should not hinder you from using a chainsaw. But do use that fear to motivate you into using your chainsaw safely.
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Covering all of the tips and techniques for using a chainsaw safely and maintaining it in safe working order is far beyond the scope of a single article, of course. However, this article will discuss two tips that can help you use a chainsaw in a much safer way.
What I Can Teach You About Equipment

Use chainsaw safety equipment. Even if your saw is well maintained and you are already an expert in using the chainsaw, you must still use safety equipment because it is inevitable that accidents may occur anytime. The situation can be compared to car accidents where the drivers who are at risk are the ones who are well trained and are able to zip along the safest and well maintained cars. But the driver — if he or she is smart — is prepared for that possibility by wearing a safety belt and choosing a car equipped with safety devices such as air bags and anti-lock brakes. In much the same way, you can prepare for a worst-case scenario while using your chainsaw by wearing chainsaw safety equipment.

Keep your saw sharp. Just like a dull knife which can be very dangerous, a dull chainsaw can also be one too. A chainsaw mishap which is the kickback will even become more possible if the chain is dull. When a dull chain is involved, it is most likely that greater violence may occur due to the kickback. Whether you sharpen your chains yourself with simple hand files (which you can do effectively if you utilize proper techniques), or take them to a professional for sharpening, you’ll greatly reduce the risk of an accident by keeping them sharp.