Tips for Selecting the Best Tent Rentals

When tents are mentioned, it is an indication of a special commemoration. Anytime you need a one, it’s because there will be festivity. Are you aware that there are different types of coverings for specific occasions? Before approaching a tent rental company, how do you determine which tent is right for you?

Frame Coverings

If your venue has limited in space, or you want to use your decks, or terraces, frame tents are quite appropriate. They have an assembled framework that is manufactured using aluminum or steel pipes to hold up the structure. They are great when you are unable to dig holes into the ground. You can ask the rental company for a white top canopy, or a canopy top that’s transparent.

Pole Canopy

Sometimes you will host events on grass, or on asphalt surfaces. If you have to use surfaces where the shade can be staked on the ground, go for pole tents from the rental company. These are supported by poles and tensioned cables to provide stability. They are beautiful, classical, and make an excellent choice for formal evening garden events. They are great for up-lighting because the lighting highlights their raised peaks.

Canopies for Transition

If you want your guests to make an entrance into the main function, you will need transition coverings. This canopy style covering is long and narrow, creating a graceful walkway that enhances excitement as your guests get into the reception area. Most companies that rent them out will have a triangular or a rectangular canopy for this purpose.

Clearspan Coverings

If you want to host an event that’s intimate with an open and airy feel and no obstructed views, go with the type of coverings that are clearspan. They have no center poles, making them great for maximization of space. If you want the entire gathering in one intimate enclosure, talk with the rental company about clearspan tents.

Sailcloth Covers

If you are planning to host a gala event with a carnival feel to it, ask the tent company for sailcloth tents. The cloth’s crisp clean nature will give your event a relaxed atmosphere. During the day, you have warm natural lighting. At night, various shades of bright glowing lighting give your event a very unique look, from the romantic, to a high energy dance setting.

There are many types of tents for all occasions. Depending on the event you are hosting, most tent rental companies will advise you what to go with. Knowing what choices you have helps in making your event a success.

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